Revenue via referral marketing

We attract new customers
through social media referrals.

Referral marketing is powerful


Perfectly targeted audiences through social media friends.


Great conversion rate of generated traffic.


Higher lifetime value of new customers.

”Online buying decisions are 2 out of 3 times based on a referral and not an advertisement.”
- McKinsey study, Dec. ‘14

Referral marketing for your business

The set-up of referral programs is usually complex and expensive. We make it accessible for everyone.

  1. With our software it is affordable & easy to create customized referral programs within hours.
  2. firal®-programs invite users to share online brands with their friends. As a reward they can receive free shipping, an extra item or a discount.
  3. The referrals are spread within social media to reach as many new potential customers as possible.

Our performance will knock your socks off

”Referral traffic is far more likely to turn into converted customers compared to ordinary paid traffic. On average 5 social media referrals result in 1 new customer. Our referral programs will cut your current customer acquisition costs by 50%.”
* data is based on the analytics of our 100 best performing referral programs.

Let's start with your referral program

  • Concept With our vast experience in referral marketing, we will develop the best fitting program for your business.

  • Integration Our programs are easy to set up and integrated via a JavaScript Snippet anywhere you want: on your website, on a landingpage or in a newsletter.

  • Pricing Our pricing is performance-based, that's why you pay according to the success of your referral program.

Discover the Power of Referral Marketing for your Business.

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